Cheshire Young Carers provide a comprehensive support programme for primary and secondary academies, schools and colleges in order to raise awareness and promote the early identification of young carers in education. Cheshire Young Carers works collaboratively with its education centre partners to improve attendance, achievement and the overall educational experiences for young carers.


Following research undertaken, it became clear that for a significant number of young carers, their experience in education was not as fulfilling as it could be.

Even more worrying has been the shared view amongst young carers, their families and in some cases the school system, that relates to the low expectation for young carers to achieve in school.

Cheshire Young Carers has a comprehensive programme of support for schools/colleges to help improve the educational outcomes for their young carers. It is designed to increase both attendance levels and attainment and to ultimately provide better “life chances” for every young carer in their school.

It starts with a consultation involving senior leadership teams within education where we are able to share the results from various research studies. This research and practical experience of working with young carers has led to the development of a three-step approach to support schools in helping young carers fully benefit from the opportunities offered within education.

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The three-step programme is as follows:
1.  To identify

Cheshire Young Carers have a number of strategies to help schools raise the awareness of young carers in school. The strategies will provide both school staff and pupils with the relevant information regarding young carers, so that they and you can make informed choices. It will also help to raise the profile of young carers within the school community.

2.  To assess

Our unique “Assessment Tool” provides schools with a practical means of quantifying the amount of care a young carer is undertaking. As a consequence, a school may then tailor support on an individual basis; thereby improving educational outcomes. The tool not only provides the school with a clear indication in terms of the level of support a young carer requires, but may be used to present Ofsted with an evidence based account of how the school is actively supporting their vulnerable pupil category. It can also provide evidence to support pupil premium funding requests.

3.  Action plan

Using the information from the assessment tool a pupil centred action plan can then be developed to support each pupil with simple, time limited strategies designed to generate a significant increase in educational outcomes.

We believe that this could be a game changer and a real opportunity for schools/colleges to support their young carers; leading to better outcomes for both the school/college and the young carer. This truly is a win-win approach, and although young carers may well be a minority within a school, they are often faced with challenging family circumstances and really do deserve our support. Education offers them a temporary escape route from the caring responsibilities they have and ultimately, it can direct them on a positive pathway for career opportunities in adult life.

“ We have a fantastic group of Young Carers staying with us this week from around Cheshire. I've been lucky to spend a little time today with 10 year old Caitlyn who helps to look after her twin brothers, one of whom has additional needs. Caitlyn talked so positively about taking on this role, it was clear that she's a caring young girl who loves to help. Cheshire Young Carers provides fortnightly sessions for these fantastic children, a time for them to play and have fun and to meet other children who are taking on a caring role. Caitlyn told me how much she loves these sessions and how great it is to spend time with other children who are 'helpful' too. We're honoured to offer these amazing children a break away from their caring roles in a supportive, fun and safe environment here at CAFT. These children deserve to be celebrated every day of the week, but especially today - National Siblings Day today. We're in awe of these caring young children and it's an honour to spend time with them during their stay. ”


“ Thank you for giving Dominic this great experience, he has had an amazing time and says he didn’t want to come home!! he is still buzzing about it. Thank you for helping me in helping him to gain more independence and life skills. He loved the zip wire activity and the body boarding and was full of educational facts about the hidden garden. He wants us to all go as a family. ”


“ The Fly Day was SO AMAZING! cannot thank the Cheshire Young Carers team, the pilots, police helicopter staff and support staff enough for this fantastic opportunity for all my boys. Nothing was too much trouble, everyone did so much to make them feel special, and give them such happy memories. They learnt a lot. To have an event that the whole family could share in was fab. To see my 13 year old autistic son go from being too scared to fly to going up and actually flying the plane- “thank you” doesn’t even begin to cover it. ”


“ A huge thank you to all the team who work so hard to arrange these events- what an amazing opportunity for the children! ”


“ My son attends Cheshire Young Carers and I have to say what an absolute amazing charity this is, it gives the young carers some fantastic opportunities which they may never have had experienced without the charity. Hats off to all the staff they are all welcoming and caring towards the young carers and it's them that make the charity and of course all the lovely kind donations. ”


“ What a fantastic programme this Summer! Many thanks to everyone who has worked so hard to organise or contribute to it. Thank you again. ”


“ Cheshire Young Carers do a fab job helping and supporting their young carers in their roles and also helping them to be kids again. My daughter’s confidence has grown so much since attending these sessions. From the bottom of my heart I thank Cheshire Young Carers and children adventure farm trust for everything you do. she has just arrived home and had an amazing time. ”


“ Today's Trip our guests were Cheshire Young Carers our guests gave us a couple of thank you cards at the end of the trip, first time that has happened, and it was very kind of them to do that. It was an absolute pleasure to have such a lovely group of people on the boat. ”

Wirral Narrowboat Community Trust

“ Cheshire Young Carers are amazing. They have helped my girls through some very tough times. The staff are amazing, I class them as friends. Nothing is too much trouble and they are always at the end of a phone if needed. Thank you so much. ”


“ Joining Cheshire Young Carers as a volunteer in May of last year has enabled me to rebuild the confidence I’d felt I had lost in supporting young people. When I started with Cheshire Young Carers my confidence had hit rock bottom and I wasn’t sure how I’d get on but working with Cheshire Young Carers and the young carers has given me back some of that confidence I’d lost as well as being an absolute joy to support you all with what you do so thank you. ”


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