Zooming into 2021

Zooming into 2021

26th Oct 2021

A project review of the hybrid respite programme, that was delivered to young carers across Cheshire during January – April 2021.

As we look back and reflect upon the first four months of 2021 and review the respite activities that Cheshire Young Carers have been able to deliver, it has clearly been a journey. We started in January during another lockdown meaning that everything had to be delivered online; it was cold and dark and frankly everybody was just getting fed up. However, the Cheshire Young Carers activity team rose to the challenge to deliver some fun filled activities, even if they were all online. At the same time, we made a promise to all young carers and families that once restrictions were relaxed and it was safe to start some face-to-face activities, we were like coiled springs ready to fire into action.

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Zooming into 2021 Project Review

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