Roar of the Lions

Roar of the Lions

18th Dec 2018

Margaret Marsh is one of our amazing volunteers who supports Cheshire Young Carers in many ways including in her role as president of Lions in Ellesmere Port. Recently she heard about one family in Crewe where we are supporting two young carers and due to circumstances the family is having a very difficult time. It looked as though Christmas was going to be very bleak, not least because they were hoping the local food bank could provide something for Christmas lunch.

Margaret sprang into action and made contact with Deborah Owen from Crewe & Nantwich Lions to see if they could help. Within hours the reply came back that they would provide £200 of food vouchers and £200 of vouchers for presents for the children.

The Lions have a saying that, “where there’s a need, there’s a Lion”

Cheshire Young Carers wants to say a huge thank you the Crewe & Nantwich Lions for helping this family, your generosity and speed of response has moved us to tears. Thank You.

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