YAC Case Study 2

YAC Case Study 2

Just before YAC B’s first activity with Cheshire Young Carers in spring 2017, she was attacked in the street by a group of girls she had been to school with. The girls shared a bad history, the group had been repeatedly bullying YAC B for years. She had come to the activity the following day with a bruised back and a huge knock to her confidence.

Since this first activity, YAC B has attended countless activities including group sessions, day trips and residentials and is now a fully-fledged member of Team YAC. During a home visit, YAC B’s mother spoke about how much she has grown in confidence over the last year. Following the incident with the girls, YAC B had disengaged with college and so Cheshire Young Carers was very much her only social outlet.

After the incident, YAC B was understandably incredibly nervous about travelling by herself and walking around Crewe alone. Engaging with the YAC programme, has meant that she has rebuilt this confidence as Team YAC encourages the group to use public transport whenever possible. Today YAC B doesn’t think twice about walking to the train station and catching a train to meet up with the other Team YAC members.

Achievements like this constantly reinforce the joy and motivation that come alongside running a programme such as Team YAC. Cheshire Young Carers hope that the accomplishments of these Team YAC members will inspire others to overcome their own challenges.

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