YAC Case Study 1

YAC Case Study 1

YAC A joined the programme when it was piloted in Summer 2017. Previously, this young person had attended a respite group for young carers with an age range of 6-18yrs. Cheshire Young Carers had recognised that this young person was going through a challenging time but were unaware of exactly what these challenges were and how to support them. This lead to discussion amongst staff, about how young carers in year 10 and over, experience different challenges from their younger peers. These conversations lead to the launch of Team YAC.

YAC A was invited to the pilot event, which was a day trip out on a narrowboat on the canal. The session that was delivered on the boat encouraged the young people to discuss age-appropriate topics and offer their own advice and experiences.  Early discussion topics included any positive and negative impacts they’ve experienced as being a young carer and different ways that they manage stress. Each of the young carers shared their own experiences openly and freely. This was the first time that Cheshire Young Carers had seen YAC A feeling much more confident and outspoken in a larger group, something that was really great to see.

One of YAC A’s challenges was anxiety around using public transport. Having to use buses and trains, and navigating the stations and ensuring they catch the right train, are very daunting new experiences for young people. Due to tricky circumstances at home, many young carers families have not had the opportunity to familiarise them with this environment when they were younger. Since joining Team YAC, this YAC A has used public transport countless times. In Christmas 2017, they even used the London underground. This is such a high pressure and stressful environment for somebody not totally comfortable in these situations. In summer 2018, YAC A signed up to complete the NCS programme, an opportunity that has arisen through a connection made through Team YAC.

Since summer 2017, this young adult carer has grown so much in confidence and is such an incredibly compassionate young person. Team YAC is incredibly lucky to have them as a member, and as an inspiration to others.

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