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CYC is experienced in delivering services through a volunteer led workforce

CYC is experienced in delivering services through a volunteer led workforce

Volunteering at Cheshire young carers is a great way to develop skills and gain experience and also help to improve the lives of young carers who need support.

Volunteers at Cheshire Young Carers help us change the lives of a special group of young people, offering fantastic rewards through experiences that really help local communities. Alongside the training and overall experience, volunteers are always supported to explore what role suits them best and how their volunteer role can be enjoyed with the right balance between fun, challenges and rewards.

In 2011, CYCs volunteer workforce received an MBE from the Queen for “producing ground-breaking results in the area of improving health and wellbeing for young carers.”

Hear what our volunteers have to say

“My most memorable experience was going to Carden Park for a day of high rope, treasure hunts, team games and evening party. It was such a great day and all the young carers were so happy to be there it was something that they clearly do not get to do. One child said ‘this is the best day of my life’, he was so excited about it all”

“Wow what an experience! Learning more about the challenges young people face was invaluable. Helping them to overcome these has also given me new valuable skills that I can use again. It’s an amazing feeling knowing you have added something to a young person’s day or even life”

“Although I led the dance sessions it was certainly a team effort and we were really able to be there for some of the young people and encourage them to take part. Dance is an incredible way for the young people to express their deepest fears and worries, the things they dare not speak about. Without words we are able to see just how much they have to cope with and how it affects them. For many of the young carers this was a project they looked forward to coming to every week. They built trust and friendships and there was a real sense of peace amongst them”

In addition the young carers at CYC have said that they value being supported by volunteers as they feel as though the support is genuine as a person is giving up their own time and that this builds stronger relationships

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