CYC values working in partnership with local organisations across sectors

CYC values working in partnership with local organisations across sectors

CYC views the building of strong relationships with other organisations as being critical to providing the right support to young carers.

CYC has a strategy to identify and build relationships with partners across sectors to improve outcomes for young carers. It is also important that CYC work with partners at a strategic level to influence policy.

Let’s hear from our partners at M&S Bank

“The partnership between Cheshire Young Carers and M&S Bank has truly been mutually beneficial. A number of our employees have really got behind the service and collectively raising over £20,000. Not only do these activities raise the visibility of our ‘community’ efforts, and therefore support our mission to be a ‘Great Place to Work’; but it also provides great teambuilding opportunities for those who get involved in planning and running the events.

Some of our people take the opportunity to be more involved with CYC, by becoming mentors to the young people. The mentor role provides not only great personal satisfaction, but also a real growth and development opportunity to stretch our people and develop their personal skills.

Lindsay and her team at CYC have been inspirational and engaging, taking the time to come into our offices and talk to the teams who supported them.

We are delighted to continue to support CYC, and are hugely supportive of the work done by this small charity.”

In addition the young carers at CYC have said that they value being supported by volunteers as they feel as though the support is genuine as a person is giving up their own time and that this builds stronger relationships.

“Building a relationship between CYC and M&S Bank has been relatively easy challenge due to the Knowledge and support that the CYC workers have provided. However, the rewards have been instrumental in employee engagement and personal development for the Ace project volunteers and myself. The fun and satisfaction we gained from our involvement makes you seriously consider what is important and enables you to gain an appreciation for the circumstances and diversity of other people and their lives.”

Jeni Underhil, Community Relations Manager

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