About Us

We aim to improve the lives of young carers by responding to their individual needs

Cheshire Young Carers has a single vision – to give young carers support so they have the best chance to thrive as children. Cheshire Young Carers has been delivering effective and fun respite for young carers since 1997. We help thousands of young carers by listening to their needs, giving them a break, making sure they feel like a child with other young carers, allowing them space to have ‘me’ time and access to someone to talk to in a safe and fun environment.

How We Help

Tailoring how we support young carers

Cheshire Young Carers assess and offer the relevant level of support required for each individual. We try to give young carers the chance to access opportunities that their friends may take for granted. We may represent a young carer’s voice within school or help a parent to resolve something. We also do direct work with a child to improve their resilience, tailor events to support learning and development needs and much more.

Respite and activities

At Cheshire Young Carers, we pride ourselves on delivering respite to young carers – giving a special group of young people a break from their often daily stresses and responsibilities. Children as young as 6 have caring roles, and their home environment can have a significant impact upon their life chances. That’s where Cheshire Young Carers comes in. We make the small changes that can make a big difference to the lives of children who care for loved ones. We deliver support through group activities, day trips, residential breaks and helping young carers and their families improve their situations.

Young carers support in education

With over 8,000 young carers across Cheshire, each school will certainly have young carers within their list of pupils. Cheshire Young Carers works with education staff to help to identify, support and improve the educational outcomes for young carers. Young carers are recognised by Ofsted as a vulnerable group of pupils and not all young carers recognise their caring role. It is not always easy for school staff to recognise pupils as young carers – with the support we offer, more young carers can thrive in education.

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